Herbert’s hot recipe book: Thyme & Lime

Zuzana Fajta • 28. November 2016

If you do not know yet, our syrups taste fantastic even in their hot version!

On our blog you can find a series of recipes where we introduce some proven combinations of alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. The first one is the classic combination Thyme & Lemon. A pleasant winter combination which warms you up when you need it most and cools you down whenever the situation demands.


Preparation of all recipes is very easy and fast. No school or courses required. Just create the flavour and enjoy your drink!

All recipes are mixed in the same dilution ratio as cold lemonades (1:10). We recommend using 80°C water for the preparation of hot drinks to avoid getting burned. Do not hesitate to use fresh herbs, slices of fresh or dried fruit to make the drink according to your possibilities and taste.

Preparation itself is not complicated. Just put all ingredients into a glass, pour hot water, stir, garnish and the delicacy is ready.


Thyme Punch (2 cl)

1.5cl of Thyme & Lemon syrup
4cl of brown rum (you can use Um as well)
1.5cl of lemon juice
9cl of water
dried lemon
fresh thyme

Pour rum, liqueur, syrup and juice into a kettle and heat until it boils. Pour into a preheated cup or glass, add thyme, dried lemon and serve.


Of course, you can also prepare a non-alcoholic version. It tastes (more or less) as good as the one with alcohol!

Hot Thyme & Lemon (3dl)

Pour 3cl of syrup to a preheated cup and top up with hot water at 1:10 ratio. Add dried lemon, fresh thyme and serve.

Thyme-lemon lemonade (0.5l)

Pour 4cl of syrup into a carafe filled with ice, add lemon slices and top up with water. Stir thoroughly, garnish with fresh thyme or add 1dl of orange juice (it makes a real refreshing bomb). Serve with a glass! How else.


Thanks for the photos: Nora a Jakub Čaprnkovci

Photos taken in Bratislava café - Pán Králiček.