Herbert’s hot recipe book: Ginger & Camomile

Zuzana Fajta • 30. December 2016

After the classic combination of Ginger & Hibiscus we created a limited winter version of Ginger syrup with Camomile.

As we love ginger, we wanted to create a more tender version of it. For those who want to enjoy the delicious taste and the smell of camomile, fresh ginger, lemon grass and bee honey combined with the cane sugar, is this syrup like a balm for the soul.


Preparation of all recipes is very easy and fast. Just create the flavour and enjoy your drink!

All recipes are mixed in the same dilution ratio as cold lemonades (1:10). We recommend using 80°C water for the preparation of hot drinks to avoid getting burned.

Do not hesitate to use fresh herbs, slices of fresh or dried fruit to make the drink according to your possibilities and taste. Finally, put all ingredients into the glass, pour hot water, stir, garnish and the delicacy is ready.



4cl of Borovička/dry gin
2cl of Ginger & Camomile syrup
2 cl of lemon juice
meadow sage
lemon peel

Pour Borovička or gin, lemon juice and syrup to pre-cooled long glass, add ice and top up with soda. Stir well, add lemon peel, garnish with ginger slices and a meadow sage branch.


This drink can also be prepared in other variations. It depends only on your taste!

Variant 2

4cl of Borovička
3cl of Ginger & Camomile syrup
½ passionfruit
20cl of hot water

ginger slice, lemon grass

Variant 3

4cl of mead
2cl of Ginger & Camomile syrup
1cl of lemon juice
1cl of honey
20cl of hot water

dried lemon, ginger slice


Hot Camila

5cl of dry gin
2.5cl of Ginger & Camomile syrup
2cl of lemon juice
10cl of water
fresh ginger
slices of lemon

Heat all the ingredients in a kettle and then pour into a preheated cup. Add ginger cut into slices, lemon wheels and serve.


Fans of non-alcoholic drinks can get inspired by our mixed drinks or choose rather a simple drink, for which only a few basic ingredients are needed.

Hot Ginger & Camomile (3dl)

Pour 3cl of syrup to preheated cup and top up with hot water. Add ginger cut into slices, dried lemon and serve.

Ginger-Camomile Lemonade (0.5l)

Pour 4cl of syrup into a carafe filled with ice and top up with water. Stir well, add sliced ginger and lemon. Serve with a glass.


Thanks for the photos: Nora a Jakub Čaprnkovci

Photos taken in Bratislava café - Pán Králiček.